Switzerland: Land of Chocolate

We arrived in Zurich early Monday morning. We checked into our hostel and then went exploring the city. There was a river that ran through the city so we ended up just walking along that. We also went exploring the old town and went to many chocolate shops. 
On Tuesday morning, we took a train to Lucerne. Lucerne was the prettiest out of the three cities in Switzerland. Lake lucerne was gorgeous and we got to see all of the mountains and green grass! We were going to climb a mountain but it ended up being super expensive so we decided to just take a ferry ride instead to see the beautiful scenery Switzerland had to offer. We later walked around the old town, went across the walking bridge and visited the Franciscan church. The Franciscan church has a pulpit with my last name on it. All of my sisters have visited it but when I walked into the church a service was going on. I tried to look around for it but I could not find it. However, the church was very pretty. Also in Lucerne, we went to more chocolate shops and tried different, good quality Switzerland chocolate.
On Wednesday morning, we took a train to Basel. Our last destination! It was raining all day but we still managed to go to the point where Germany, France and Switzerland meet! I got to see three countries at once! We then went back to the hostel and waited for the rain to stop. It stopped and we went to the old, medieval town and explored. In Switzerland, the main grocery store is called coop and this is where we got cheap meals every night. We got spaghetti for a night for only 2 franc a person and we had plenty of pasta for like 6 people! At the end of the night, I went to take off my nice leather boots and the bottom detached. It was very sad because I has to throw them away but it worked for easy jet to make the weight limit. Also, now I am on the hunt for a new pair of cute black military boots in Rome!
Thursday was our last day in Basel. We spent the morning and afternoon at a free basel zoo where they had monkeys! We then walked around a park and down the river. Shortly after, we had to get on our flight to Roma!

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