Classes and Assisi

The first two weeks of classes are going well in Rome. They are way harder than Greece that’s for sure. I really like my theology and Italian professor. My history professor walks super fast and doesn’t give us enough time to take notes at each site which is a little hard. My art professor has interesting stories… In Rome, the classes are all almost field trips. We have been to several churches for theology. We went to San Clemente church which is 3 different churches on top of each other. I found it very interesting. We also went to the Catacombs of San Calisto. The catacombs were super cool. The way they buried the bodies is really unique. Besides theology field trips, we have been going to the Roman Forum for history class. Although, we have not actually gone inside the forum. We will do this later on.
In addition to my classes, I have been slowly exploring Rome. The 45 minute walk to school doesn’t give me that much time, but I only have class Monday through Wednesday! I have been walking around our neighborhood and shopping for boots a lot. They don’t have my size here because I have come to the conclusion that Europeans are short. However, I have the best mom and I am getting boots from Macy’s shipped to Italy. So that solves my big problem! 
This past Thursday we went to the Necropolis. I wasn’t feeling the greatest during this tour and it was super hot, humid and claustrophobic in the Necropolis. I really liked seeing everything, but I was not enjoying it. Although, the experience was worth it and we got to see where famous saints and popes are buried.
On Friday, we all took a day field trip to Assisi. We met my theology professor there. She lives in Rome half the week and the Assisi the other half of the week. Side note, we had a picnic with her at a park and she told us her whole life story which is fascinating. Anyways in Assisi, we went to the basilica of St. Francis first. We saw the tomb of Saint Francis and the church was gorgeous. A Franscian monk gave us a tour of each of the frescos. He also told us about the three virtues they live by chastity, obedience and poverty. That is what Saint Francis lived by and what they now live by. We then walked to the castle and had lunch and explored the castle. The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking. The sun was coming through the clouds which reminded me of God shining his light on us and the town of Assisi. It was nice to be in such a holy town that is not in the city. 

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