Subiaco, Tivoli and Rome

Sorry, I have not posted on here for awhile. It has been really busy. These last weeks have consisted going to Subiaco, Tivoli and hanging out in Rome. First, two weekends ago, my class and I took a day trip to Subiaco. Subiaco is the place where Saint Benedict lived his monastic life. I have learned a lot about Saint Benedict and his life through my FYS and Theology class. Therefore, it was really cool to see the cave Saint Benedict lived in and see the frescos of all his miracles. We also saw Saint Scholastica monastery. The church at the monastery was really pretty and looked like a church you would use for a wedding. In Subiaco, we had an Italian lunch and some of climbed up on a rooftop to see the spectacular view of Subiaco.


During the week, we had a pizza and gelato crawl! Finally! This kept getting cancelled because all we have been having is rain after rain. The crawl was super good and filling. I tried pumpkin pizza which is probably the best pizza I have had in Rome. For gelato, we went to a place that has 150 different flavors. I was in heaven. I tried peanut butter, kit-kat and lion gelato. It was delicious! This week also consisted of some of going to visit the North American Seminary which has the best view of Rome and we also did the Saint Peter’s dome crawl. Both of these views were fantastic!




During this week, we also took a theology field trip to Saint John Latern. This is the place where the Pope actually presides. The church was very beautiful inside. This trip also consisted of us visiting the Basilica of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem where there were relics of the cross of Jesus, the thorns from his crown, a nail that was used to crucify Jesus and the shroud that laid over Jesus’s body. The shroud was breathtaking. You could see the outline of Jesus’s face and his hands that were crossed over. This was very moving and humbling. Some of us also crawled the stairs that Jesus took to Pontius Pilate. There were 27 steps that we had to climb up on our knees. It was hard, but the whole time I was thinking that Jesus died on the cross for us, the least I can do is climb up on my knees. I was very inspired and blessed my this opportunity.

This past weekend, five of us took a day trip to Tivoli. Story behind I found Tivoli: I was watching the Lizzie McGuire movie. When Palo takes Lizzie around Rome, I was so excited that I have been everywhere they have been. However, Palo takes Lizzie to the gardens of Tivoli. I looked it up and saw that it was really cheap to visit and only an hour away by train. So, we planned a day trip and went. It happened to be very cold and rainy the day we planned, but we still had fun. We got to enjoy the true fun of being a poor college student when we ate our packed lunch under an outing on the streets and then took shelter at a grocery store.

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