Florence and Pisa

2 weekends ago we went on a 4 day trip to Florence. It was an art history field trip where we went to the Academia to see David statue by Michelangelo and the Bargello Museum to see other famous painting and statues. We also saw the Dome of Santa Maria de Fiore and other churches. It consisted of taking a lot of notes but it was worth the trip to Florence because we had a lot of free time to ourselves.

We arrived Thanksgiving morning. We had a few hours to explore the leather market and then we went to see David. We then ended the day with walking around the leather market some more where i bought a scarf immediately. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner that consisted of lunch meat, bread, pasta, turkey (i think), mashed potatoes, lettuce and cake. At dinner, we went around and saw what we were all thankful for. After dinner, we had a family game night where we played some catch phrase and the writing/drawing game where you pace around paper.


On Friday and Saturday, we went to the art museums we needed to and then spent the rest of the days exploring Florence. I went to the leather market several times. One of the girls on my trip, Sarah O, went to Florence with her mom before and met a guy who gave them a great discount. He remembered her and we all bought everything from “discount” guy. He most of made a ton of money that weekend. I ended up buying myself 2 purses, one for leisure and one for work, a wallet and some souvenirs (Picture Below). My only question with buying all of this is how am I suppose to fit it all in my suitcase and weight. I’m having trouble right now with all of it. All I can say is I hate Easy Jet for only allowing one carryon and no purse! Anyways, Florence was super fun and we went and explore the night life a couple of times while we were there.



On Sunday, I went to Pisa. It was really fun and we got to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Cathedral right next to it. We got back to Rome late Sunday night. I would say Florence is one of the top places I have been to. Not too crowded and not too city; it was just perfect!


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