Last Post from Roma

 I have been really busy this last week with studying for finals and wrapping up every class. Last Thursday, we had our last field trip to Ostia Antica. We learned about the ruins and the architecture that used to be there. Ostia Antica is actually really preserved because it was just deserted abruptly. The weekend consisted of studying, studying and some more studying for both the history and art history final. These are the hardest classes and everyone tends to do bad on them; therefore, I am hoping that I did well. We had our last Italian class where Mario took us to the bar and we had some champagne and snacks. Our last Theology class was a debate about the Lumnei Fidei and then Lori gave us all crosses with our names ingrained in them. They symbolize us as being peace givers. In Steve’s class, we learned about Christmas plants. I figured out that the idea of Santa Clause comes from mushrooms. My whole life is a lie! Also, we had the premiere of our Roman adventure movie, done my the wonderful Jenna. After class on Wednesday, the deacons at our school gave us cookies. We then had a wonderful pizza dinner followed up with desert and a Christmas party at the Saupes. At the Christmas dinner, we decorated our own gingerbread cookies and sang carols. We ended the night with going to Scholars, the Irish Pub, for the last time. They had karaoke again! It was a great way to end the night.

Tonight, we have our final farewell dinner. All of the professors are invited to it. I am excited to see what tonight entails. There was some news about a Christmas gathering after the dinner; I will have to see. It is really sad thinking that this is our last time together and that some people leave tomorrow to go home. I do not leave until Saturday, but I am stopping in London for 3 days and Ireland for a day before I go home. I really have loved Rome and everything that it has. Tomorrow, I am hoping to do a few tourist stuff before I leave. I want to go to the Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps and walk down Via del Corso to see all the pretty Christmas lights at night. I also am going to go to the really good gelato shop, Old Bridge. 

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