London and Dublin Part 2 with a Final Goodbye to Europe

I left Rome early Saturday morning having to say goodbye to 29 new best friends the night before. The night before, I went to get old bridge gelato, walk down via del corso to see the pretty rainbow Christmas lights an see the trevi fountain and Spanish steps one last time before I left. I then came back all ready to depart Rome and make my way slowly back to America by stopping at London and Dublin along the way. It is hard to think that my study abroad experience is over with. No way has it been 4 months! I feel like I am on the plane ride to start my amazing study abroad trip not on the plane home. I am really going to miss everyone but at the same time I can’t wait for this flight to be over with and for me to be reunited with my friends and family back at home.


While in London, my pretravel group and I saw all of the main tourists sites the first day. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Tower, the Monument and Tower Bridge. For the longest time, I always thought that the Tower Bridge was London Bridge but it is not. Also, there were a lot of Santas out this day. Apparently, this happens every year. We also ran across a Christmas market along the way. We ended up concluding our day by having a couple beers at the bar attached to our hostel, Walrus Bar and Hostel.



On Sunday in London, we toured inside the Tower of London which was really cool. We saw the jewels and crowns of royalty. We then just walked around and explored. We saw the Shakespeare’s globe and the famous lion statues. I wanted to get a picture on the lion statue because everyone does and last time I was in London I got one. I struggled a little bit getting to the front of the lion from the back so I just stayed on the side, not wanting to fall. As I was getting down, a security guard came up to me out of everyone climbing the four lion statues. There were also people on the same statue as me just in the front. Anyways, I thought he was joking with me because I was afraid to jump down so I was just sitting there. I eventually jump down and he comes up to me and yells at me. He said that it is illegal to climb on the statues an that he could hit me with something. I was so surprised that I wasn’t sure if this was real and why he chose to yell at me over everyone. Well, I just stood there and apologized. He yelled at me to leave quickly or I could be in trouble so I quickly ran away. It was the weirdest thing ever, but I got my picture.


Monday was my last day in London. We started it off my seeing the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We then went to the Parent Trap House. The Parent Trap is one of my favorite movies and I really wanted to see it. We then went to Piccadilly Circus and up to the British Museum. In ancient history and art history classes, we have heard so much about things being in the British Museum so we had to check it out. We only the saw the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman things while there. After this we went to platform 9 and 3/4. Although I am not a huge fan of Harry Potter, the friends I was traveling with were. So we went to Kings Cross and got some pictures. I have to admit it was pretty fun.


Tuesday morning, we headed to Dublin for our last day in Europe. We already saw everything our first day in Dublin so we really had nothing to do because our flight came in too late to go to Cliffs of Moher. So, we just walked around and had a late lunch at Trinity Pub. I had a nice burger and my last legal drink for four months. That is going to be weird and a challenge when I get home.
Today is Wednesday, December 18th and I am on the long plane ride home to America. Yea sue, ciao, arriverderchi and goodbye Europe! You have provided me with so many grey memories, experiences and friends to last me a lifetime. I am very thankful! I will miss you!

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